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The Launch party! Everyone who has started a home business has had a form of this said “launch party”. It’s a chance to bring together close family and friends and “test out” the things you want to say, the products you want to show and to finalize what your mission is. For me it’s about safe products. The best part these safe products are amazing. I’m loving Every. single. One! Putting together a launch party can seem stressful but it truly doesn’t need to be. Below is a few tips and tricks to putting together your first launch!

The product. It honestly felt like Christmas when my package came. I waited till the kids had gone to bed and opened everyone slowly at a time. It was so much fun. When starting in with a new company it can be a fairly large financial commitment, but ultimately it’s worth it. It’s much harder to sell a product you have not used and or your potential customer can not try. So I recommend going all the way. You will earn it back in no time.


The presentation.

Everything you see here I currently already owned. I  use a lot of it for photos but ALL of it came from second hand stores. Value Village it my favorite. The dollar value here is $30 MAX. Presentation is key,it is no different then if this was a store front. You can see it doesn’t have to be fancy but it does need to be intentional.


The Food.

I have had this old cutting board forever. It’s shocking how many times it comes in handy. Food can add up. Keep in mind the time that you are having your launch party. Mine was at 7:00pm so I expected that everyone would have had dinner, That meant I didn’t need to go over board.

Total – $45.00 all items were from Superstore.


The Drink.

Summer Sangria

1- 1 bottle of red wine

2- 1 bottle of sparkling lemonade

3- Lemon and limes  (one each)

Mix all together – serves 10 or so

Total –  $10.00


Simple and satisfying!

Many sucesses with your launch party!