Dan & Vickie on top of the world! | Calgary Wedding Photographer

Vickie and Dan have to be the most relaxed amazing couple EVER! It’s taken me forever to find the right words to summarize their wedding because I don’t want to take anything about their special day away from them. The reality is they were faced with some pretty big bumps in the road as they say. The day of their wedding at approximently 12:30pm a young man on his motorcyle would lose his life coming up the highway just outside of Radium. A tragic loss that would close down the highway for over 5 hours. How does that impact Vickie and Dan???? Well that meant nothing was coming in and out of Radium. Their food and officiant would remain in Radium and not reach us until 6:30pm. My husband and I were fortunate to have just missed this accident by literally 20mins. The next part is why I love them….. They never once over reacted or got upset. They knew it meant someone had lost their life and they were soooo respectful of that. We waited and waited for almost two hours to make the call to just carry on with a “fake” wedding.( The stretch of highway they were on has ZERO cell service, so they didn’t have a clue as to how long it would be) Dan’s sister in law stepped in and did such an amazing job. Honestly it sounded like she had been marrying people for years! It was beautiful and perfect! Thank you so much Vickie and Dan for asking me to be apart of your special day! xoxoxo

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