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The Nordstrom Sale!

It’s that time of year again.. Only this time they did it a little different, they allowed

Fish Taco’s Trailer Style!

When glamping takes on a whole new meaning. I love this combo cause it’s simple and fast.

A little visual inspiration!

Happy Monday Morning! I hope you are enjoying your summer so far. I thought everyone could use a

Out with the old in with the new!

Hope everyone had a great long weekend. Over the weekend I realized that there was a few things I

The Nobrega Family | Calgary Family Photographer

The Nobrega family would probably probably be the first to say screw you 2016. It was a rough year

The Messner Clan!

Holy Batman! It’s been far too long since I have blogged…. As in I completely missed

Reverse Shampooing | Calgary lifestyle Photographer

Two words …… reverse shampooing. Are you doing it????? If not you should. Well what is

Beautycounter Social

The Launch party! Everyone who has started a home business has had a form of this said

Clean Crisp Interiors | Calgary Interior Designer

I loved being apart of this renovation. The client knew what she wanted right of the start and we

At home Session | Calgary Family Photographer

A session doesn’t need to be fancy. It doesn’t require outfits, hair or makeup, all it

Tell the story | Calgary Family Photographer

Photography is all about telling the story and capturing a moment in time. It’s the story

The most important session | Calgary Family Photographer

We all know this session as a mommy & me session, but I think it is a more then that…. It

Cookies.. NOM NOM NOM | Calgary Family Photographer

Cookies and photography, sure why not. I have been wanting to take a stab a food photography for

Vacay!!!! | Calgary Family Photographer

Every year we are lucky enough to head down to Phoenix to visit my parents. My parents are snow

Exclusive Style Child Sessions | Calgary family photographer

I’m so excited to announce styled exclusive sessions are back and now booking. I have been

Greatroom Transformation | Calgary Interior Designer

I’m in love with how this greatroom turned out. I always seem to have a favourite item that

Flower Crown! | Calgary Family Photogragher

I promise this is the easiest DIY ever. In fact I’m almost making a blog post out of nothing.

The Powell Family | Calgary Family Photographer

The Powell Family nailed it!  Sandi and I have a mutual friend and I swear I felt like I already

The Midi length | Calgary Family Photographer

The Midi… Really? I suppose that name makes sense, regardless I am in love with the length of

Jet Setting! | Calgary Family Photographer

It’s that time of year again when I head to visit my parents down south…. (Insert, I

Hair Play!

My goal this year is to grow my hair out. It’s been years (and I mean decades) since I have

How to take a better photo with your iPhone | Calgary Family Photographer

I never go anywhere without my phone…. You probably don’t either. So of course

Yummy Smoothies! | Calgary Family Photographer

Almost every morning I start my day off with a smoothie (unless I break down and have toast with

IKEA Hackers!!! | Calgary Interior Designer

Lets be honest IKEA is cheap and often it looks that way too. During a recent design job I needed

Chic hair styles for stylish girls! | Calgary Child Photographer

As the spring nears closer I start to get prepared for my styled child mini’s. This year I

Baby Henry! | Calgary Newborn Photography

I LOVE doing maternity photos and even more I love doing newborn photos. The story I get to tell is

The best kind of transformation | Calgary Interior Designer

This residence started with the second floor…. oddly though the second hasn’t been

Boutique School Photography! | Calgary Child Photographer

Boutique School Photography Candid school photography, with a big splash of personality, and

The making of a BEAUTIFUL space | Calgary Interior Designer

Every beautiful space must start with inspiration…. Lately I always start with Pinterest. If

A Dash Of Splash | Calgary Interior Designer

Right before Christmas I had the pleasure of putting a “Dash of Splash” in this already

Brett & Steph | Calgary Wedding Photographer

~  if each day, each hour, you feel that you are destined for me, with implacable

The Dwyer Family | Calgary Family Photographer

Watch me whip, watch me Ne Na! I always have so much fun with the Dwyers! This year it just

The Henry Family! | Calgary Family Photographer

The Henry family, seriously the sweetest little boys! Every year I like to donate photoshoots to

Engagement Shoot – Calgary Wedding Photographer

Elbow Falls was a perfect back drop for these two love birds. Dancing and singing were on the

Maternity Shoot | Radium BC

To say the Maat’s aren’t busy is liking saying bear’s don’t poop in the

Regulars! | Calgary Family Photographers

Without regular customers you don’t have much of a business. I am so grateful for