Out with the old in with the new!

Hope everyone had a great long weekend. Over the weekend I realized that there was a few things I am using that are safer to use that are not Beautycounter and I thought I would share. Cause really who doesn’t like a tip or two????


First up the Deodorant!!!!

Did you know that an antiperspirant contains chemicals like aluminum that will actually stop your sweating all together…. umm that sounds like a bad idea. This natural deodorant uses essential oils which will curb the bacteria. This product is also paragon free and safe for sensitive skin. I have to admit that I tried a lot of different kinds until I came upon Schmidts. It smells amazing… (I love Ylang-Ylang) And it does actually keep me dry… without stinking!!!!





In the last year we have removed all fragrance from our home. The changes I have seen in my son’s asthma have been amazing. not even kidding. But one of the things I have missed is a good old shot of perfume. Trying to find one that wasn’t chalked full of secrets was very difficult. Meet James… He is my new best friend… and he is made with SAFE ingredients. You should google this company for sure they are really do amazing things… I picked this bottle up at ESME on 17th…



Dry Shampoo!

Spray that on you… it’s like crop dusting.. But who likes to wash their hair everyday? Well you really should not anyways. I’m obsessed with this dry shampoo, again smells great and really works. I use my large makeup brush to apply. I put some in the lid and then dab on.

Hair Mask!

Did you know that common mask’s are chalked full of parabens? So the product is not only actually stripping your natural properties out of your hair but it could also be linked to breast cancer… They are a no go. Again trying to find something that actually worked was tricky… Don’t forget just cause it says “Natural” means its good to use. YOU MUST CHECK THE LABEL….

This mask works!!!



Finally nail polish!!!!!

I love it so much but when I found out all the crap that was in it I could no longer use it. Just think it’s going on your nails and then just sits there as the toxins absorb:(Essie has removed all the crap and made a safer nail polish. It still lasts (if not longer) and the colours are endless.



Clearly I am not being paid by any of these companies… it’s just little old me telling you what I love on this journey to make smarter choices.